Just as I started this blog something marvelous happened. What, you ask? Well, as I was feeling my way around this different territory of food writing and travel blogging I turned into the food columnist for QCity Metro.  It’s been an enjoyable distraction sharing my food experiences. It all sort of happened quickly, so I wasn’t prepared to blog, write, and manage the 9 to 5. Now I’m settled in and ready to share my travels and culinary adventures.

That leads me to the point of this blog. Getting started on anything you’ve dreamed of doing is hard at first. When it comes to traveling, moving from thought to ticket purchase can be intimidating. You crave to travel more but just aren’t clear how to get started. I look back at how it used to be for me beforeI got started. I’ve always wanted to travel but assumed it was overly costly and was wearing so many hats I couldn’t see my way free to a date. Now as an empty nester  and solo traveler I realize I was the sole block to my path of travel.

Here are  the 4 easy concepts I discovered that got me out of the door and onto a plane:

In Your Own Back Yard. 

Explore the city you live in or neighboring areas within driving distance.Travel is about exploration and discovering new things which can take place in your area code. I constantly felt I had to go some place big to consider it traveling. Before I graduated to international travel, I decided that I would pick an unfamiliar side of town and make a day out it. I conducted a self guided tour of my downtown. I visited restaurants and explored the statues. I didn’t know it but I was rehearsing how to delve into exploration so that when I could go, I’d know how. Google your city or states visitors website. You can uncover information on things to see and do.

Give Yourself Permission To Go Alone. 

If I stuck around waiting for someone to be ready, willing, and able to travel to destinations when I was, I’d still be at home waiting. I’m ambidextrous when it comes to traveling meaning I can go it alone or with someone. Solo travel is my preferred way because I prefer my own company. I love going at my pace and experiencing the things I prefer without compromise or negotiations. It pushes me to meet different people and I’ve met some remarkable individuals from across the world as a solo traveler. (I’ll communicate more about my solo adventures in future blogs)


I start organizing my trips a year in advance which consists of making deposits where I can or saving up to purchase airfare and hotel. I’ve heard people claim, “I can’t plan that far in advance.”  Those are usually the people still talking about where they want to go while I’m on my way to the airport.

Talk To a Travel Professional. 

If you don’t like to plan, get a travel agent. While it may not always be the least expensive choice, a travel agent has the destination knowledge and relationships to help you have the vacation of your dreams without the stress of planning.