Paris France on Rue Desiree “My Street

When I started writing, I was a Social Worker living in Charlotte, NC using every bit of PTO I could to travel. A late travel bloomer, I didn’t grow up traveling around the world with my parents or even going on yearly vacations that required airplane travel. We didn’t eat out much and my cultural exposure was limited to school trips. My exploration occurred when watching the world on television, catching the city bus in Baltimore, MD from one neighborhood to the other, and reading about far away places in the encyclopedia.

I knew the world was out there but it seemed far away. I couldn’t touch it, see it, or get to it- so I believed. The world has become much smaller these days. I am living in Long Beach, California experiencing life through the lens of those I am privileged to meet and break bread with.

I have 2 goals.

One is to share stories. The other is to make a difference in lives and communities through cultural immersion. I hope to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone. Anyone can go anywhere and I want to prove to you just that.

If you are up for it and curious about where this road leads … follow me and let’s go together!